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:: Symbian Mobile (Nokia), iPhone & PC Dialer ::

:Please download dialer directly to your mobile phone

1- PC Dialer VPN - Pronto 8.06 For UAE
Dialer code: 123
2- PC Dialer VPN - For UAE and Oman
3- PC Dialer VPN - Version 3.2
4- PC Dialer VPN - Aug2011

iPhone Dialer VPN - New

  • Mobile Dialer VPN (Released on 22 Dec 2011) For D
Brand PIN: 2015 - Oman-UAE (Released Sep 2012)
Brand PIN: 2015

:: iPhone Mobile Dialer VPN::
  • iPhone VPN Dialer
    Install from App Stores, Search for "Pronto Dialer" and install
    Operator Code: 123
    or Click here to Download

:: Android Mobile Dialer VPN::
:: Blackberry Mobile Dialer :: (Curve 8900 and Bold 9000 only)
:: Windows Mobile Dialer ::
  • (OM)
    ( for African / European Region)

New feature: Now you can recharge by dialing
000123 and enter your Recharge PIN. To purchase recharge pin click here

  Setup Instructions
Click on "Download Now" and save it on your desktop
Connect your Mobile Phone either by bluetooth or Cable to the computer
Transfer the downloaded Niyyo Mobile Dialer .SIS file to your mobile device
Install the Niyyo Mobile Dialer on your Mobile Device.
Choose the preferred connection and dial destination without dialing 00 in country code.
If you do not have Username and Password you can purchase from here
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